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  1. Account/Shipping Questions 

    1. How fast will my item be shipped?
    2. Login to Account
    3. no emails or newsletters
  2. App 

    1. app on smart phone
    2. How can I import my Garmin Montana waypoints into my Android Hunt Maps subscription
    3. Layers not visible on app
    4. What's the difference between the GPS chip and the APP?
    5. When I zoom in close the basemap reads 'Basemap Not Available'
  3. Basecamp 

    1. Map on left side of Basecamp and cannot move it
    2. View map in BaseCamp with old generation GPS
  4. Download / Micro SD Questions 

    1. Install, or copy, the chip onto the computer
    2. Can't see all of the details of the maps such as topo lines, correct colors, and/or landowner names?
    3. While unlocking it is asking for a Product ID or Serial Key
    4. Do I need both the download & SD card?
    5. I downloaded the file & it didn't change anything on my computer
  5. General 

    1. Can I load multiple maps on my GPS?
    2. I don't see any of the city roads or back roads. How do I get them to appear?
    3. I live in a flat part of the state and there isn't enough topo detail on the map to tell where the rises and falls are in the landscape - Is there a way to fix this?
    4. Will your map work with my other maps?
    5. How do your maps compare to your competitor's?
  6. Google Earth 

    1. Google Earth Installed But No Landowner Names Show Up
    3. How to I view my chip in Google Earth?
  7. GPS 

    1. What GPS unit do you recommend?
    2. Does the map work in Lowrance, Magellan, or Delorme units now or in the future?
    3. Can I still mark waypoints & log tracks?
    4. I already have topo on my GPS, will your map erase these maps?
    5. Will the SD maps work on my Garmin GPS?
  8. Internal 

    1. When will Full Plat Coverage be available?
  9. New State Questions 

    1. I don't see my state?
  10. Update Questions 

    1. How often are the maps updated?
    2. Do you have to buy a new map every year?
    3. Where can I view the changes made to maps when they're updated?
    4. My Mac Isn't Able to Run the SD Card Updater
    5. I Purchased the chip a couple years ago and want to update it. What do I do?
  11. All articles 

    1. How often are the maps updated?
    2. How fast will my item be shipped?
    3. What GPS unit do you recommend?
    4. I don't see my state?
    5. Map on left side of Basecamp and cannot move it

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